Property Lending

Background to the lending business

With many of the mainstream banks withdrawing from the property lending sector and the desire of developers to borrow to finance new projects, specialist lenders now enjoy a strong market position.

Elm Trading’s property lending division typically provides finance for up to 65% of the estimated market value of a property project. These loans are provided to experienced borrowers pursuing opportunities in desirable locations.


Lending criteria

Utilising the vast experience of our specialist lending team, we are focused on funding opportunities which fit within the following criteria.

Preferred location and property type:

Location – London, South East or South Coast of England or other affluent areas elsewhere in the UK, such as Bristol, Bath, Cheshire, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Property type – Finished properties will typically have capital values of between £200,000 and £1 million.


Typical funding specification:

  • Loans of up to 65% of Gross Development Value (GDV) or 80% of costs, whichever is lower
  • Competitive interest rates and lending fees
  • Loans between £750,000 and £10 million, including interest and associated costs
  • Loan terms of 12-24 months



We require our borrowers to be robust, with a demonstrable track record of managing profitable development projects and access to a pipeline of opportunities.


Why property lending is an attractive trading opportunity

  • Predictable returns through interest and fees on each loan, which are agreed at the outset and must be contractually paid, irrespective of the project generating a profit for the borrower
  • Risk mitigation through loans secured against the property on a first charge basis to provide a high degree of security and, where appropriate, additional security through corporate and personal guarantees